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Our Reports

Where the physical inspection stops, the written process begins.  And with that being said, StarLine goes to great lengths to ensure that our clients receive the very same 1st class customer service with their completed reports, as they did on their extensive in-person analysis of the home/building in question.  That means fast turnaround times and optimal written reports! 

With that in mindStarLine proudly incorporates, Spectora, the industry-leading home inspection software application, to create each and every report we create for our valued clients.  These reports are clear, easy for the reader to digest, very detailed, visually pleasing with many photos & diagrams, professionally written, and all-encompassing of what a top-tier home inspection report should contain and appear as. 

NOTE:  We ensure our clients receive their comprehensive inspection report via email within 24hrs of the physical inspection completion date/time - no long waits with StarLine



Reach out to a Client Support Team member today for further details and/or to schedule your inspection.  

855-515-STAR or 912-332-5552.

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