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Services We Offer

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  • The StarLine Buyer’s Home Inspection
    Let’s face it, real estate is going to be one of the largest and most meaningful purchases that we ever make. So why take a chance on said purchase having ANY issues with it whatsoever? The StarLine Buyer’s Home Inspection allows you to have something truly unique – peace of mind with regard to your purchase. You’ll know that your investment is in optimum condition, SAFE, and physically ready to bring you and your loved ones many years of joy & happiness under its roof.
  • The StarLine Seller’s Home Inspection
    The epitome of frustration is demonstrated when a seller believes that their home is potentially sold, but then later is informed that problems have turned up during the physical inspection of their home/property. These problems can lead to new (and possibly unfavorable) negotiations, delay your escrow, or even ruin the sale altogether! Avoid that frustration and have yourself a StarLine Seller’s Inspection already in hand when you go to list! First, you’ll know that your home is in tiptop condition. Secondly, it’s always impressive and often motivating to buyers, which can help lead to an offer.
  • The StarLine 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection
    New construction homes typically come with a 1-year warranty that is backed directly from the builder. Around the 10th or 11th month of that first year of ownership, it is more than a good idea to have a new inspection performed on the home to make certain that it has settled well, and that everything is as it should be. This way, if there are any issues, you’ll catch them just in time before that warranty expires, saving yourself a lot of future headaches and expenses.
  • The StarLine Commercial Inspection
    Thinking about purchasing or selling a commercial property? If so, your inspection is just as important as a home buyer or seller inspection. Be it a multi-family unit, office building, or a location for your new retail store, Blue Ribbon Home Inspections is the answer to your commercial inspection needs. Fast, accurate, professional, and very economical… exactly what you need.
  • The StarLine Sewer Scope Inspection
    Repairing or replacing a buried drain line is nothing short of a significant headache and expense. The StarLine Sewer Scope Inspection will produce a video scan and comprehensive written assessment of the main drain line. A link to the actual video and/or images taken will also be provided.
  • The StarLine Termite Inspection
    Termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, etc. These little buggers are obviously not very concerned with the fact that they may be trying to make their home, out of your home. One of our certified inspectors will give the home a thorough inspection for signs of their occupancy, and a comprehensive report will be provided as to the findings. NOTE: It’s worth noting that termites alone cause over 5 billion dollars in property damage per year.
  • The StarLine Mold Inspection
    Mold is everywhere, be it visible or not, and it can cause serious health problems for those of us that may be living amongst it. Likewise, it can cause serious problems for our homes. Using industry leading equipment, our certified mold inspectors can collect air and swab samples for detailed analysis via our certified laboratory. Peace of mind is what you are looking for here and peace of mind is what we will provide you.
  • The StarLine Lead Based Paint & Asbestos Inspection
    Safety and peace of mind are everything with this particular inspection service. Using industry leading testing equipment and accredited laboratories, our certified inspection team will search for the presence of lead and asbestos, as it pertains to the structure in question. A comprehensive report as to the collaborated findings of the testing preformed will be provided for your review.
  • The StarLine Radon Gas Inspection
    Radon is a deadly, invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that is a byproduct from the natural breakdown of uranium from within the soil. The gas enters a home through cracks and holes in the foundation, as well as through drains. It can happen in ANY home, be it new construction or an older home, and likewise, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you have a Radon test performed if you are buying or selling either type. NOTE: It’s worth noting that Radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.
  • The StarLine Pool & Spa Inspection
    A new home can often include a new pool (above or in-ground) and/or a new hot tub for a buyer, and just like the home itself, the pools and spas should ALWAYS be inspected by an inspector for any potential issues. One of our certified team members will execute thorough inspections on the liner, decking & coping, as well as the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical & heating systems. All while being ever vigilant in identifying ways to reduce drowning, entrapment and/or electrocution, as it relates to the inspected item.
  • The StarLine HVAC Inspection
    HVAC systems pose to be a substantial expense to repair or replace, and that is why it is one of the most important inspections that we offer. A top to bottom inspection will be executed by one of our certified team members on the operation and condition of the HVAC unit(s) in question, and an accurate & detailed assessment will be provided. Make sure that you don’t overlook the importance of this inspection! It can save you thousands of dollars and a mountain of stress.
  • The StarLine Water Quality Test
    We all want to know that the water that we are putting in/on our bodies and those of our loved ones is in fact safe and free from harmful contaminants. The StarLine Water Quality Test will thoroughly and accurately assess the water quality in question and will ultimately offer you peace of mind in regards to such. Note: The E.P.A recommends that a residential water supply be tested annually.
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