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Here at StarLine, we stand by our work!  So much so that we offer all of our clients a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service at the time of inspection.  Further proof that StarLine is the right choice for you! 

Warranty & Service Program

StarLine understands how important peace of mind is to our clients.  This is why in addition to our 100% money back guarantee, we offer six additional warranties, each absolutely free of charge, along with seven other valuable services, all for the purpose of protecting your home and it's contents.  Please take a look below for further details.    

Giving you four (4) months of additional peace of mind against any new discovery of radon existing in a home that was previously inspected by StarLine within the prior 120 days.

(5) YEARS of coverage against what would normally be very costly repairs for any leakage on your roof, and it’s absolutely FREE to you.

 At no additional cost, we execute a thorough background check on all major household appliances observed during the home inspection to ensure that no existing recalls exist on said appliances.

Simple, yet profound.  If any visual mold is detected in the home that was not discovered during your StarLine inspection, then you are covered for remediation up to $2000.00.

Main water line breaks and sewer line collapses can cost thousands to repair.  With this bonus coverage, you will be protected for ninety days against any issues that might not be apparent during your initial inspection.

 Rest assured that you will be covered against those pesky termites and carpenter ants for any new infestations, for a full ninety days from the date of your StarLine inspection. 

Yet another added bonus!  With this warranty, both structural & mechanical coverage on the components within the inspected unit will be extended on your behalf for (3) months – FREE OF CHARGE.  

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On all units that we inspect, StarLine offers our Purchase Shield Pro Warranty.  This coverage provides you with a significantly discounted rate for a second inspection, should your initial real estate sale/purchase not close for some unforeseen reason. 

Keeping your home safe and secure can be a lot easier with an alarm system. Home security alarms can increase overall sense of security and protect your family and belongings. Why leave anything to chance? Ask us about our user-friendly, easy-to-use, home alarm system. 

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Save time and money with our one-stop concierge service. Our service provides superior value, major savings, and is completely hassle free. Moving into a new home can be stressful. Allow us to take some tasks off of your plate by assisting with home setups such as cable, internet, or even alarm services. 

Our one year warranty provides you with protection for your new investment. Ask us about how our warranty offers coverage for home essentials including HVAC, plumbing, or even electrical needs. Our warranty process is kept simple from start to finish. Contact us today to start our quick and easy application! 

Want EXTENDED coverage on some of our most popular Home Warranties?  If so, StarLine has you taken care of!  Our SMART Home Service Plan will provide you

with 12 months of protection in multiple areas for continual peace of mind with regards to your wonderful investment.     

Home Owners Resource


Included with your inspection, StarLine provides you with Home Owners Resource.  An invaluable service that provides you with a Professional to answer any question about your property. This service is especially useful for any maintenance issue that may arise in your home where you would like an expert’s input and/or suggestion!

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